Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the first satellite call without a dedicated chip

As of now, you must have heard of Satellite Connectivity, which lets us send SMS or make calls in a no-network coverage area. Companies such as Samsung and Apple have been working on this technology for so long. Apple already has this feature in its iPhone 14 that lets us send SMS, but the Korean firm is still working to bring it to its future devices. Recently, a Galaxy phone has achieved a greater milestone than those companies.

Informatively, satellite connectivity requires special hardware components, that’s why Samsung is slowly adopting such things in its upcoming premium devices. However, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, which doesn’t contain any special hardware, recently made the world’s first satellite call using a regular smartphone. As per Bussinesswire’s report, a company named AST SpaceMobile, in partnership with AT&T, made this happen. 

Let us tell you both companies made history by making a satellite call using Samsung’s unmodified Galaxy S22 Ultra. This call was made from Texas to another phone in Japan. In specific, signals that Galaxy S22 Ultra generated in Texas first reached the BlueWalker 3 satellite, which was then redirected to another phone located in Japan. To make it possible, they have used a spectrum as a middleman, which is currently unknown.

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Notably, the appreciating thing is both phones exchanged SIM and network information successfully through the aforementioned Bluewalker 3 satellite. This opportunity will make the future really convenient, as it shows that all smartphones are able to make calls, send or receive texts, and even get internet connectivity in a no-internet coverage area without spending too much money on expensive cellular tower infrastructure.

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On the basis of this successful satellite calling test (AT&T, Rakuten, and Vodafone participated in it), we are expecting a future where we can experience satellite connectivity features in affordable devices as well. 

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