Twitter teased Samsung by saying Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Moon images fake

On Feb 2nd, 2023, the Korean firm Samsung launched this year’s flagship, the Galaxy S23 series. Ever since the flagship was unveiled, the moon images captured by its Ultra model (Galaxy S23 Ultra) have been criticized by saying that these are fake. This time, Twitter does the same thing by adding a community note to Samsung’s post on which it flaunts moon images captured with Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 100x zoom feature.

Informatively, the official Samsung Mobile page recently shared a post with an image of the Moon with the caption, “There’s no dark side of the Moon with the #GalaxyS23 Ultra. Capture your night skies and share with us by replying to this thread with #SharetheEpic.”

On the same post, Twitter added a community note saying, “Samsung phones digitally “fake” images taken of the Moon to make them appear sharper.”

When previously this matter popped up, Samsung did clarify things by explaining how the Galaxy S23 Ultra device uses advanced technology to capture clear Moon images. Because we haven’t received any new news in this regard for so many days, we thought the matter was closed, but now it doesn’t seem to be the case, as Twitter has once again started this debate with its community note. 

If you are unaware, Community Notes is a new method of fact-checking that has been added after Elon Musk took Twitter over. Any contributor can add one to a Tweet, and other contributors with different points of view can make it helpful; afterwards, Twitter makes the note public. However, Twitter uses them for important topics only, and it is possible the note that was added to Samsung’s post may be older, but Twitter showed it now. 

One thing is clear, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Moon images aren’t fake. However, it sure is embarrassing for Samsung to be labelled as having fake images by Twitter. It is currently unknown what happened next, whether Twitter took down the note or Samsung removed the post; if we get any clue, we will share it with you. 

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