Galaxy S23 Ultra: Method to capture better zoom photos

Samsung has introduced its latest flagship device of this year in the form of the Galaxy S23 series devices; however, all the attention is mainly grabbed by the Galaxy S23’s Ultra model because Samsung has introduced its first-ever 200 MP Camera in the device. However, the Zooming capability of the device depends on the two telephoto lenses.

The other two telephoto lenses offer zooming up to 3X and 10X, so you are able to take a less noisy photo of distinct objects, but in some cases, it is found that the zoom level between 4X to 9X doesn’t give you the expected quality images. In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of this issue.

How to take better photos with Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra using the zoom function

Commonly, we touch a particular area to focus the camera, but it doesn’t work as we wanted, and as a result, we get blurry images, so to get rid of this, a popular tipster suggested that to get good quality images in the above-mentioned zoom in the range you have to capture the images press the shutter button after zooming in and do not use tap the screen to focus. You may be getting awkward vibes, but it amazingly works.

According to the report, several users have noticed that after following this way, they get sharper and good-quality images. For information, this way forces the device to follow the preset algorithm so it gets the best images according to the conditions.

It is similar to working when you capture photos of the moon with the help of integrated AI. Last month Samsung faced a lot of controversies against moon photography, whether it’s fake or real; if you don’t know about this, here is all you should know.

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