Samsung Moon photography is just a trick of AI or real: MKBHD explained

Samsung has launched several devices which give the best photography experience, especially the high-end devices which belong to the Galaxy S series are always taking the flagship tag for best quality images; from space lovers. Samsung has introduced Astronomy mode that helps to take photos of stars and sky using long exposure, while you can capture moon photos in night mode or pro mode. But as of now, some people are claiming that the images taken by Galaxy devices are fake.

Samsung Galaxy devices are taking fake images through AI

 A Reddit user claims that the Samsung space zoom is fake. To prove this, he takes a blurred photo of the Moon and recaptures it with his Galaxy device, which claims that it got extra details that are not even seen by the naked eye. He also adds that it is just a trained AI magic that has 100s of preset images that appear according to the condition. He has also done several experiments to prove himself right.

While on the other hand, a popular YouTuber, MKBHD, has claimed that moon photography is not the overlay like Huawei has been accused of past and Samsung shared the information of camera processing at the time of taking Moon shots. He further said the AI of the camera is just limited to adjusting the exposure and set accurate lighting for taking a noise-free image of the Moon. To make his point right, he further says you can turn off the UI too by going to the settings of the camera and see the difference from there.


The AI is just a part of the camera that optimize the colours and details of the photos, which provides the best possible result, and every smartphone user is not a photographer, so it is a very useful tool for them, but if a user these type of images they can use pro mode where they can easily customize every setting of the camera according to their preference, and in the moon photography scenario the AI has an important role in getting sharp photos of the Moon and due to only one face of moons is only visible to us so that is why we can shoot only one kind of photo of the Moon.

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