Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 users facing battery drain and flex mode issue

Over the years, Samsung has very much developed its software, so it is now capable of providing new features with every new generation of its One UI; still, there are several flaws left in the software which have to be improved. There are many issues seen after every second new update, where the most common issue is a battery issue; the same is happening with Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 devices.

Several users reported that after updating one UI 5.1 and March 2023 security patch, they are facing battery drainage issues. A Galaxy Z Flip 4 user said, ‘I charged my phone to 100% before I sleep, and it dropped 47% to 53% left after my 6 hrs of sleep. I didn’t use my phone at all”.

Some users are reported that they are unable to use flex mode, a Galaxy Z Flip 4 user said he is unable to run any apps(including Camera, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger, and Gallery) on flex mode.

While some of the users are claiming that after installing the One UI 5.1 update on the device, they are unable to use the camera, the Gallery options are missing, and some of the functions are crashing and showing errors.

Among all issues, battery drainage issue is the most commons issues which are come after One UI 5.1. In the previous article, we covered Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S23 Ultra, where several users reported the issue, but Samsung hasn’t offered any solution regarding this. But having the customer satisfaction mindset company should come up with some solution in the form of any new update or anything.

Moreover, users who are very cautious about their devices can wait until Samsung release any significant update; meanwhile who have not updated their devices to One UI 5.1 are recommended not to install the update. 

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