Samsung responds to the controversy of fake moon photo

Samsung Moon photography gained a lot of attention in the past few days; however, not for a good reason. The South Korean firm’s Moon images, captured with the Galaxy S23 Ultra device, have gained worldwide popularity and were praised by many users around until the controversy of using AI came to the fore. It is said that Samsung has used AI to make the images look extraordinary. Now Samsung finally responded to this matter. 

Notably, ever since this thing appeared on the internet that the Moon images of Samsung are not real but fake and are edited by using AI and computational processes, all the tech admirers started to criticize the South Korean firm. After this long time, Samsung finally broke its silence and defended itself by denying the fact of using AI. They said that they don’t use any image overlay for better results.

The company has explained clearly that the software does all that is necessary to capture the Moon’s images, and then the rest work and improvements, such as improved image details and colors, can be done by the Artificial Intelligence named Scene Optimizer. However, if you want, you can disable it through the Camera Settings. The company has stated in that manner:

“Samsung is committed to delivering the best photography experiences under any conditions. When a user takes a photo of the Moon, the AI-based scene optimization technology recognizes the Moon as the main object and takes multiple shots for multi-frame composition, after which the AI ​​improves the image quality details and colors. Does not apply any image overlays to the photo. Users can turn off the AI-powered Scene Optimizer, which will disable automatic detail enhancements to the photo taken by the user.”

Let us inform you now only Galaxy phones, but any high-end device can deliver extraordinary images of the Moon if they get captured by manual controls. A Twitter user has shared a small tutorial for it. As every phone has these manual controls, Samsung is not the only one that uses these processes, but the other too benefits from them to get better results. The Galaxy S23 Ultra uses heavy AI to modify the shots. 

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