Samsung sells certified re-newed Galaxy S22 series in the US

The Korean conglomerate Samsung has a refurbishment program for its Galaxy Phones, under which it launches renewed versions of its smartphones. Recently, Samsung’s other noteworthy smartphone series made its way to the renewed version’s league. The series is none other than the year 2022’s flagship, the Galaxy S22 series. Let’s know what these renewed Galaxy S22 devices will serve to their users. 

Notably, Samsung US has announced the certified renewed Galaxy S22 series. These renewed versions are the smart way to upgrade. Firstly, they check pre-owned Galaxy phones and make necessary changes to them. The newer version contains brand-new batteries, new unique identifiers, and the latest software. Besides, the devices’ screen, camera, and speakers will also be replaced if needed, but with A-level Samsung parts. 

However, there is no need to worry about these refurbished versions’ quality and experience because they are certified and went through Samsung’s 100+ Point Test to guarantee every piece of the device. Besides all of these, the company will pack them in new boxes with a new User Manual, Charging Cable, Ejector Pin, and One-year Warranty card. Now, let’s know about these devices’ prices, which are listed below. 

  • Galaxy S22: $619.00 (was $849.99 during launch)
  • Galaxy S22+: $769.00 (was $1,049.99 during launch)
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: $919.00 (was $1,299.99 during launch)

Let us tell you, these renewed versions are eco-friendly and have been launched in the US region. Now, you may be wondering whether they are carrier-locked or unlocked variants. Notably, these are unlocked variants that work with every carrier. If you are interested in making them your own, you can purchase them on April 21st, 2023.

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