Samsung may debut Satellite connectivity feature with the Galaxy S24 series

Satellite Connectivity, a feature that was rumored to come with the Galaxy S23 series device, but unfortunately, was unable to make its way. However, it seems that the same rumored iPhone-like Satellite Connectivity feature will make its way to next year’s flagship Galaxy S24 series. Many hints are pointing to the Galaxy S24 series finally getting a place for this rumored novelty. 

As per a previous report, the South Korean firm is developing a technology to bring the Satellite Connectivity function to its future flagship and to make it possible, Samsung is working with the company ‘Iridium Satellite’ which provides voice calling and data communication service through 66 satellites. Notably, Qualcomm also joins hands with the same company for the Satellite Connectivity service. 

Additionally, Google also hinted at the same feature in the upcoming Android 14’s 1st preview logo. If we give it a thought, Google and Samsung are both working to bring this service to their device and OS. As the Galaxy S24 series will also get Android 14, its chances of getting the Satellite Connectivity feature doubles up. Nota bene, the S24 series will come by the rise of the next year, most probably with the Satellite Connectivity feature. 

For those who are unaware, Satellite Connectivity is a feature that lets you send messages even in no network-coverage area. If we talk about the iPhone’s Satellite Connectivity feature, it only lets you send messages, while on the other hand, rumors were that Samsung’s or we can say, Android’s similar feature would let you receive them as well.

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