Samsung will really ditch the Galaxy S24 Plus device? Here’s all the details

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung is about to make a crucial decision for its future flagship, the Galaxy S24 series. This decision will be proven as a revolutionary step for its smartphone market. As per the reports, the company is planning to mitigate the Plus model device from its next flagship series Galaxy S24. This verdict might be taken by looking at the lower demand for mid-range models of a specific series.

As per the well-known media house TheElec, ‘DM’, the development project of the Galaxy S24 series seems to have only two assignments, ‘DM1’ and ‘DM3’, which denote only the regular Vanilla and premium Ultra models of the series. Besides, as no traces of the ‘DM2’ development assignment has been found, which refers to the Galaxy S24 Plus model, it is believed that the company extinct this device during the recent talks. 

However, the tech admirers have split into two groups; one believes that the S24 Plus device will be mitigated, and the other believes that this information is misleading and Samsung is not planning such a thing. In that manner, another famous blog, Sammobile has published a post that reads, “Rumors about Samsung killing a Galaxy S24 model are misleading.” They believe that it will be risky for the company to take such a big step.

Notably, both scenarios are possible because the demand for the Galaxy S22 Plus was weaker than the other two devices of the series. If we pay attention to the figures, the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra models claimed the shipment of 38%, 17%, and 45%, respectively, in which the Plus model holds the lowest share. Hence, the company may abandon it and end up launching the Vanilla and ultra devices only, so they can maximize sales and profitability. 

On the other hand, suddenly making such a drastic change may affect the company. And due to the comparatively low demand, abandoning the whole device may be stupidity. Instead, Samsung can start offering more in the Plus models of the Galaxy S series. However, none of the information has been confirmed by the company’s end till now. So please believe them with a pinch of salt until an official statement from Samsung. 

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