Samsung’s new 5G NTN modem technology will lead the Satellite Communication service

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung has recently unveiled its new 5G NTN modem network technology. This new network technology will play a huge role in the arrival of the rumored and most-desired Satellite Connectivity feature. If you’re unaware, the Satellite Communication/Connectivity feature was widely rumored as a novelty of the Galaxy S23 series, but for some reason, the company had to drop that idea. 

As per the official Newsroom article, this new standardized 5G NTN modem technology will let the smartphone communicate with other phones with satellite. The technology will make 5G Satellite Communication easy and reliable. To make it possible, the technology will use satellite and non-terrestrial vehicles both. However, the service will be used in emergencies only. 

Let us inform you the new 5G NTN modem technology has been simulated on Samsung’s Exynos modem 5300, which will power the awaited Satellite Communication feature. The Exynos modem used in this technology will help to minimize frequency offsets. As the technology is indeed helpful and advantageous, Samsung is willing to continue to use it in its future Exynos chips as well.  

Min Goo Kim, Executive Vice President of CP Development at Samsung Electronics, said, “This milestone builds on our rich legacy in wireless communications technologies, following the introduction of the industry’s first commercial 4G LTE modem in 2009 and the industry’s first 5G modem in 2018,” he added, “Samsung aims to take the lead in advancing hybrid terrestrial-NTN communications ecosystems around the world in preparation for the arrival of 6G.”

However, there is one thing that is different in Samsung’s Satellite Communication feature from iPhone’s; it will offer two-way messaging- sending and receiving both. Notably, not only Samsung but Qualcomm and Google (with Android 14) are also working to bring the same feature. In Samsung’s case, there are possibilities that this Satellite Communication feature which the Galaxy S23 series missed, will make its way to the upcoming Galaxy S24 series.

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