Samsung Galaxy A Series can take 4 Android OS update

There is no doubt that the Korean firm Samsung’s software update policy is the best amongst all other Android device manufacturers. If you don’t know, Samsung promises four years of major OS upgrades and five years of security updates. However, this policy only includes premium Galaxy devices along with some top mid-range models. Recently, the Korean firm has added a new and more affordable Galaxy device to this list. 

Informatively, in the eligible device list of the Korean firm’s outstanding update policy, some of its Galaxy S seriesGalaxy Z foldable series, and Galaxy A series devices are included. As for the mid-range Galaxy A lineup, devices from Galaxy A3x and A5x series got placed on the eligibility list. Now, in this list, Samsung has decided to add Galaxy A2x series devices as well, which are cheaper in cost than the A3x, A5x, or A7x series. 

Let us tell you, this news has been confirmed officially by Samsung Vietnam in the introduction blog post of this newly-launched Galaxy A24 device. It is the first time when Samsung has brought its outstanding update policy’s support for any Galaxy A2x series device. As Samsung has already taken this step, we are also expecting the future Galaxy A2x devices to get four years of OS and five years of firmware updates. 

Besides it, as Samsung extended the current update policy to affordable devices like Galaxy A24, there is a possibility that Samsung will increase the number of OS and firmware updates for its premium Galaxy devices. However, there is no official confirmation regarding it. One thing is clear, Samsung’s this steps will surely work as a booster for the Galaxy A24 device. 

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