Galaxy A54 5G and Galaxy A34 5G with Enhanced Security & Privacy Features

As fast as technology is growing, the risk of online threats is also increasing at a fast pace. Manufacturers and people, both are becoming more and more conscious and aware of their device’s security and privacy-related issues. We are specifically talking about mobiles, as they make their users’ life handy and are capable of doing various important tasks. To make their users feel risk-free and safe, the Korean firm Samsung uses different security-strengthening ideas and technologies in its Galaxy devices.

Firstly, let us tell you why mobile security is important. Notably, if one’s smartphone isn’t secure, the worst thing that could happen is hacking, malware, and phishing. Not only that, but weaker security of mobile also opens the door for cyber villains that can hack your device and steal your login credentials and other crucial information if it is lost or stolen. However, in Galaxy phones, things are a little different, as they have various options to control your data where and how much it can be used. 

A few weeks ago, Samsung unveiled its two mid-range smartphone devices- Galaxy A34 5G and Galaxy A54 5GSamsung Malaysia has recently shared a blog regarding the security and privacy these devices can offer. As per this official blog post, both devices are affordable in price but are capable of delivering flagship-level security. For these mid-range Galaxy phones, Samsung has promised up to 5 years of security updates and 4 times Android OS updates, and they also come with an extended 2-year warranty.

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About the 4 years of OS updates, newer Android will keep your device running smoothly for longer for a long time, and newer UI versions will continue to bring various high-level customization features. The 2-year warranty makes it even more reliable as it provides lifespan support for manufacturing defects and premature device failures. In other words, we can say Galaxy A54 and A34’s this 5+4+2 triple hat trick has literally every necessary thing to offer, including the latest software, security, and maximized warranty. 

Samsung has recently brought some amazing deals for these mid-range devices, which are limited from now to April 30th, 2023 only. You can check the deals below. 

  • Get a free casing and a 2-Year Warranty when you purchase either the Galaxy A54 5G or Galaxy A34 5G.
  • Enjoy 30% purchase-with-purchase on a travel adapter when you purchase the Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy A34 5G, Galaxy A14 LTE, or Galaxy A14 5G.
  • Get the Galaxy Buds2 at only RM149 with the 70% purchase-with-purchase deal when you buy the Galaxy A54 5G.

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