Samsung Galaxy A53 is the first A series phone to get the Image Clipper feature

Samsung is continuously expanding the Image Clipper feature for Galaxy devices. Initially, the company distributed the feature for older flagship devices, including Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 and many more. It is Samsung’s most anticipated feature, which was exclusively available on the Galaxy S23 device.

Galaxy A53 receives Image Clipper feature

Now Samsung has expanded the feature to the Galaxy A series device. The Image Clipper feature is spotted in Europe, and it came with the new update for Galaxy A53. Users can identify the update by the firmware version number A536BXXU5CWD1 after the Galaxy A53 smartphone is expected to expand to more Galaxy A series devices in the coming days.

Samsung Image Clipper: Galaxy devices that currently have received the feature

The latest update will be available through OTA (Over The Air). So you will get notified whenever it is available on your device. To download it, just tap on the notification( when available). Alternatively, you can download it from your device setting. Just go into the system settings, then tap on the software update, touch the Download and Install, and wait until the search is finished if it shows an update available, then hit the Download button.

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What is the Image Clipper feature?

Image clipper is a very interesting feature of Samsung; with the help of this feature, you are able to separate the pictures of objects from images. To do this, you just have to tap and hold the object then it will show three options such as “copy”, “share”, and “save the image”. This feature is not only limited to photos, but it also works on videos, but for this, you have to first pause the video and then do the same process as a still photo. After taking the object images, you can also use them as stickers and do many more things.

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