Samsung Image Clipper: Galaxy devices that currently have received the feature

Samsung Image Clipper is no longer an unknown feature that needs an introduction. Informatively, the Korean conglomerate Samsung introduced this amazing feature with the One UI 5.1-booted Galaxy S23 series. It is kind of like the lasso feature but an updated and more advanced version. Previously, the feature was exclusive to the Galaxy S23 series only, but now the company has extended its availability to other Galaxy devices. 

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Firstly, let us tell you the Image Clipper function is a Gallery-related function that allows us to cut out any particular object from an image or a video. The clipped-out object can be saved in the Gallery as a standalone image, shared on different platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., and can also be used as stickers in the Whatsapp application. Now, let’s know which Galaxy devices have received this feature.

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Samsung Image Clipper feature availability

Informatively, the Galaxy S23 series has had the Image Clipper function since its launch, as it is an exclusive feature of this series. Besides, the rest of the devices have received it with the April update. The list contains those Galaxy devices only that already got the Image Clipper function, but that is not all; there are some other devices as well that are lined up to receive it. If you want to know them, you can check the list here.

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