Galaxy Enhance-X App: Samsung phones that will get the photo editing app support

Samsung has confirmed the expansion of Galaxy Enhance-X to older flagship devices, including Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 and some Galaxy A series devices. Recently the company released it for the Galaxy S23 series devices. However, it’s worth noting that the app was previously available on Galaxy S22 devices, but within some time, it disappeared, so it can be true to say it is making a comeback with some more improvements for the device. For a quick recall, let’s understand the app in a nutshell.

The Galaxy Enhance-X is a photo enhancer app which works on the base of AI. The app provides many powerful tools which are easily accessible and make your photos more attractive; for instance, you can remove unwanted blur from photos, erase shadows, add HDR, and many more.

Galaxy Enhance-X app is coming to Galaxy S22, S21 and Galaxy A series

According to the information, Samsung has confirmed releasing the Galaxy Enhance -X but didn’t tell us about any particular time. However, there is also good news coming this time, Samsung developers are planning to release the app for several devices. On the official community of Samsung, the moderator has specially mentioned Galaxy S21 Series and Galaxy A lineup.

Apart from these, the company has also confirmed the comeback of the Galaxy Enhance-X app for the Galaxy S22 lineup. However, it has not mentioned any particular time; moreover, some users asked if the compatibility will be available with the next One UI update, and then the moderator responded that it was not the case and also said, “it will be available as soon as possible”. 

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