Samsung Galaxy Phones now support BMW Digital Car Key

Nowadays, Digital Car Keys are in trend due to their handy nature. Ever since the South Korean firm Samsung announced support for UWB and Digital Car Keys for its Galaxy smartphones (two years ago), various car manufacturers started to bring support to this feature in their cars so Galaxy smartphone users can unlock their cars through it. Now, the popular car company BMW also joined this league.

Notably, the German company BMW will bring the support of “Digital Car Key Plus” support for some Android devices, including Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones. As we have mentioned above as well, this feature helps us to lock or unlock our car through our Galaxy Phone without having its key. However, BMW had some Digital Car Keys via Samsung previously as well, but they worked with NFC instead of UWB.

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If you are unaware, in NFC keys, one should need to remove their phone and make physical contact with the car, but UWB doesn’t need it. As for UWB-powered keys, the phone just needs to come closer to the car. Currently, BMW cars produced on or after November 2022 support these Digital Keys. Now, the company is planning to extend its support for some older cars as well, for which they will release a software update. 

The good thing is these UWB-powered Digital Car Keys work up to five hours after the phone’s battery has completely drained. You can use this feature through the My BMW application. Now, let us tell you which Galaxy devices are eligible for this “Digital Car Key Plus” feature. The supported devices are listed below. 

Nota bene, it is necessary that these devices run on the latest Android 13 and have the Samsung Wallet application in them. After having a BMW Digital Car Key, you will be able to share it with up to five people having supported Android phone or iPhone devices. 

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