Samsung to fix HDR bug on Galaxy S23 soon

Insiders had revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series occasionally experienced issues with the HDR feature, causing headaches for some users. To address this problem, the company planned to release a downtime update soon, and now they have confirmed that they are indeed working on a solution.

The problematic HDR feature can create peculiar shadows around subjects captured by the Samsung Galaxy S23’s camera. As a result, the HDR processing may fail, resulting in highly noticeable visual distortions. Here is an example of how this issue manifests itself.

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In a forum, Samsung support has now stated that the problem has been identified and that it will be fixed very soon with the next update. Previously insiders had revealed that Samsung was likely planning to release a second update for the Galaxy S23 series in May.

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has made megapixels a primary focus with the release of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. They have incorporated a cutting-edge 200 MP HP2 ISOCELL sensor as the main camera, in contrast to other brands that have chosen to pursue alternative approaches.

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