Samsung’s Competitive Edge in the US Chip Industry Amid TSMC’s Price Raise

The South Korean company Samsung Semiconductor and Taiwanese company TSMC are straight rivals in the semiconductor market. Unfortunately, TSMC has proven as a tough competitor for Samsung Foundry. The Samsung rival only has a higher market share than the Korean firm, but it also left a major impact on Samsung’s customers as the Korean firm is constantly losing customers. But now Samsung got an opportunity.

Informatively, Samsung-rival is receiving orders from various big chip manufacturers, including AMD, Apple, MediaTek, Nvidia, and Qualcomm. But it seems things will change from now on as TSMC’s 4nm and 5nm chips that will be made in its first chip plant in the US will cost nearly 30% higher than those developed in its home country Taiwan. It is a golden chance for Samsung to overcome this situation and gain some customers.

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Let us tell you the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC has already started to discuss chip manufacturing orders and the price with the customers. Its first chip plant in the US is expected to develop chips sometime in the year 2024. As per the reports, chips made in TSMC’s chip fabrication plant in Japan (makes 12nm, 16nm, 22nm, and 28nm chips) will also be 10% to 15% costlier. Not directly, but it sure will benefit Samsung indirectly.

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Let us tell you, due to the TSMC chip’s high prices; it seems that Google and AMD have ordered Samsung Foundry for the production of 4nm chips. It is said that AMD’s next-gen CPU and GPU products and Google’s upcoming Google Tensor G3 all will be developed with the Korean firm’s improved 4nm process. Samsung’s 4nm process is highly power efficient and better in terms of performance. It is really good for Samsung to gain customers, and we are expecting the same in the future as well.

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