These One UI 5.1 apps will enhance the utility of your Galaxy device

Every year Samsung introduces a new generation of its skin. With all new updates, the company introduces several new enhancements for the Galaxy devices; for instance, last year, the Korean giant introduced the One UI 5 skin upgrade, which brings new features and improvements to the UI and existing functions of Galaxy devices.

Apart from these, Samsung has introduced some new stock apps for its Galaxy devices which aim to bring more utility to the devices. However, these apps are limited to some high-end device which comes with premium hardware specs; let’s explore them all.

Good Lock’s May 2023 update comes with bug fixes (

Good Lock

Good Lock is not a new application; it was introduced in 2016; this application is a kind of mini Galaxy store which provides different types of modules in one place that customize different UI functions like Quik panel, notification, navigation button and many more. Initially, the Good Lock was available in limited countries, but in the past few months, Samsung has expanded it to many new countries. Introducing further development, Samsung has recently brought a new version. To download it on your device, click on this link.


RegiStar is a new addition to Good Lock modules. This module offers customization of the functioning of the side button, touch and hold the screen and also sets activation of feature by back tap. In the Galaxy Z Fold 4 offers extra functionality to press the screen strongly. You can also take advantage of this module; here is the download link.


Samsung Dropship is the latest file-sharing tool. This is also one of the modules which is present in Good Lock. The main quality of this file-sharing app is its ability to share the file to different platforms, including Android, iOS and the Web, which makes it a more reliable sharing app as compared to other available apps. Unfortunately, the app is currently limited to Korea. Here is the download link:

Galaxy to share (GTS)

Galaxy to share is a useful function, allowing you to share the setting of one Galaxy device with another as it is. The function can easily share the settings of several apps, including KeysCfe, Clock Face, Sound Assistant, HomeUp, Multistar and many more. You can also manage and share the settings you have created. Download the app through this link. As of now, this function is also limited to Samsung’s home country.

Camera Assistant

Good Lock’s module camera assistant offers several customizations for the main camera; the module is full of features that make the handling of the main camera easier. Initially, this app was introduced in Galaxy S22. Later, Samsung expanded it to more Galaxy devices; to download it, click here. For your convenience, here is the list of Galaxy devices which support the Camera Assistant app.

  • Galaxy S23 series
  • Galaxy S22 series
  • Galaxy S21 series
  • Galaxy S20 series
  • Galaxy Note 20 series
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Galaxy Z Flip

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