Samsung One UI 6.0 Expected Release Schedule for Galaxy Devices

Samsung’s upcoming One UI 6.0 skin will get the base of Google’s newer version of Android (Android 14). Informatively, the One UI 6.0 software will be a successor to the latest One UI 5.0, so there is no doubt that it will be an enhanced version of the 5th-gen One UI. If we talk about its properties, it will surely be even more customizable than its predecessor. Let’s know more about this upcoming One UI 6.0 software.

Let us tell you as the One UI 6.0 is going to be based on Android 14, and it will adopt some of Android 14 novelties as well. Not only Android 14’s novelties but Samsung will also add some of its own tweaks in the skin, which will make it even more praiseworthy. However, Samsung hasn’t even started its development yet, as Google hasn’t made it available for AOSP. It is possible that Android 14 will be open for AOSP in July. 

Samsung One UI 6 will soon reach to your Galaxy

At present, everyone is wondering when they will get to experience this new software. The answer is very clear after Android 14’s stable update and availability for AOSP. About the Beta testing, it is possible it will start sometime in August. After successful testing, the company will launch its stable version for Galaxy devices within two weeks. Now let’s know which Galaxy device will be blessed with this update prior to others.

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As for premium Galaxy devices, the latest flagship gets it first. For One UI 6, the Galaxy S23 series devices will get this fortune. After the flagship, the software reaches the latest foldable devices (Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5). After reaching all the latest premium devices, the update will reach older flagship and foldable phones. In the meantime, this update will make its way to mid-range devices.

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In the mid-range category, One UI 6.0 will first reach the milestone of the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 devices. At last, the rest of the eligible mid-range and entry-level devices will be blessed with One UI 6.0. Besides, if you want to know whether your Galaxy device is eligible to get this or not, you can check its name here in this eligible Galaxy device list

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