Material You in Android 14 will have extreme customization options

Material You, one of Google’s services for customization, was first introduced with Android 12. Now, with the next version of Android, Google is planning to bring more customization options to its Material You. In the new version of Material You, we will get to see brighter and more fully customized colours, while the current version only contains primary colours. Let’s know more about this upcoming version of Material You.

Informatively, Google’s upcoming Android 14 is currently running in its beta testing (for Pixel phones). It is possible that Google will launch stable Android 14 by July. This new OS version will be richer in terms of novelties and, specifically, customizations. If we are talking about customization, it is obvious for Material You’s name to appear. In Android 14, Material You itself will also bring a handful of new features to offer its user.

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Let us tell you, in Android 14, Material You will let you use colours with strong shades in contrast with the recent ones. For example, from now on, users can use bright colours such as hot pink, fire red, lime green, or black that will directly appear in the final theme. In particular, these colours can be implemented in the background and widget colours of compatible apps and as the colour of the elements of the individual apps of your device.

In that manner, the Google Design team posted a video on their Twitter handle, on which they showed a colour palette which is bolder than the one available at present. However, Fidelity options are currently under development. The new Fidelity option will let the user extract colours directly from an app’s background so that they can use the base colour shade in their device’s background as well.

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However, there do have some limitations to the Fidelity option. For example, there are some limits to choosing colours while you are using a dark background to prevent any kind of visibility issues with writings or individual icons. But, we are expecting some refinements in the coming weeks that can solve the aforementioned issues. We are expecting that Google will unveil more about this upcoming version of Material You at the next Google I/O, which will be held on May 10th, 2023.

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