Samsung improves One UI Home launcher with the latest update

Samsung uses its self-designed software for its Galaxy devices, so they can run smoothly and give better performance. There are a lot of apps available which come preinstalled with Samsung devices. One UI Home is also one of the most common apps from them.

The One UI Home is one of the important applications of the Galaxy ecosystem, which handles all the tasks performed on the home screen. In other words, it is a launcher that arranges all the apps and widgets on the home and app screen. Samsung has designed it so well that it allows you to customize different things on screen and design it according to your comfortability. 

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Samsung improves the performance of One UI Home

Samsung has released a new update for the One UI Home update with v14.1.03.47. The update doesn’t come with any changelog, but being one of the most important apps, the company probably pushed significant improvements which enhance the performance of the device while doing any task related to the home screen. You can easily download it from the Galaxy store‘.

One UI Home provides many features

With the help of One UI Home, you can make various changes on the home screen that makes it more interesting to use. For instance, you can hide navigation buttons at the bottom of the home screen. It helps to lock the home screen layout after you set it. You can quickly access app info or widget settings just by tapping and holding them.

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