Samsung updates its One UI Home app with fixes

Samsung is a creative company offering a fully customized user interface as One UI. With new update, the company always try to introduce new features that engage users in their ecosystem. And continue its motive; it has released a new update for its built One UI Home app.

Samsung improves working for One UI with the new update

Samsung is currently rolling out a new update for the One UI app with version number, and the new update is available in the size of a 20.03MB software package. The company hasn’t revealed features specifically, but a small file size, and it is expected that the update should bring some minor but significant improvements to the app, which will enhance its performance and stability of the app.

Installing One UI Home update

As the One UI is Home is part of Samsungs own software, it is only available for only Galaxy devices. The latest update is available for devices running on Android 9 or above. So Samsung devices users can easily install the update through the Galaxy store. In case users are getting issues installing the update through Galaxy devices, they can also update it by clicking this link

What is Samsung One UI Home?

As said earlier, the Samsung One UI Home is an inbuilt application of Galaxy devices which works to provide a neat and clean space for arranging icons and widgets on the home; basically, it supports multiple functions, which ultimately provide an interface to provide a whole new experience of accessing different apps.

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