Samsung updates Galaxy Store app for its smartwatches

Samsung is very actively updating its apps and making them compatible with the Material You function; for instance, the company has pushed new updates for its stock apps, including the Galaxy store for smartphones and tablets. We have covered the Material you have in a dedicated article for Galaxy watches.

As of now, the Korean giant has released a new update for the Galaxy store, but this time, it is available for the Wear OS, which means the Galaxy watches will receive the update. According to the information, the new update has version number

Will Galaxy Watch receive Material You icon of Galaxy Store?

According to the Galaxy Store description, the new update changes the logo of the app. The new icon is quite similar to the smartphone’s Galaxy store, which was come with the compatibility Material You, so the Galaxy Watch’s Galaxy store may start the Material you function from now; however, it’s not cleared yet.

The new update comes in a 12.46MB software package; users who own Galaxy Watch can easily install the update of the Galaxy Store; it is also worth noticing that the update is available for watches that are running on Android 9 to Android 11.

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