Android 14’s will make your Galaxy devices 90% vulnerabilities free

The quality of any smartphone can be determined by its major component- Security; the more secure your device is, the more reliable it is perceived to be. Because security is the most important component of any device, manufacturers always try new solutions which further enhance it. Google also does the same for its Android OS, and for Android 14, they have added a new feature that will free your device from vulnerabilities. 

Android 14 Advanced Memory Protection feature to bolster mobile phone security

Mishaal Rahman, an Android expert, has recently discovered a feature named ‘Advanced Memory Protection’ in Android 14. Informatively, in devices that don’t have this memory protection, the attackers can easily cause any malicious app to reach the allocated memory area. Afterward, the attacker changes the app’s behavior and causes the malware to enter the device. Memory protection bugs come to light for it. 

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As Google suspected, 90% of vulnerabilities are of this type; hence, having memory protection bugs in the device is indeed necessary. Let us inform you ‘Advanced Memory Protection’ is a novelty of the upcoming Android 14, which comes along with a memory tagging extension on the ARMv9 processor cores. Unfortunately, we have to wait for the upcoming smartphones that will contain the ARMv9 memory tagging.

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Thankfully, some recent devices such as Galaxy S23 Ultra will get Android 14’s this novelty, as its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC is designed under the ARMv9 architecture. However, it is currently limited to high-end devices only because entry-level or mid-range phones do not have the CPUs based on this new architecture version, but in the future, the mid-range or entry-level phones may also be manufactured with this new CPU type. 

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