One UI 5.1 enhances the battery performance with Light profile

Samsung has recently released its latest flagship device in the market, as Galaxy S23. After reaching out to the users, we learned some new features about the device, such as “pause the USB power”.

Samsung has added some hidden features which are very useful. Samsung has also developed its customization ability to the next level, and it has introduced several modules specifically dedicated to different functions, giving full freedom to customize accordingly.

There are several functions that are stopped by Samsung as well. For instance, the company has removed the option of customizing the performance of smartphones, which is available in quick toggle.

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One UI 5.1 Battery Performance With Light Profile

Now the option to customize the performance of the device so you can easily save your battery, basically this option offers two options one is standard, and the second is light; in which if you choose standard, it will provide the recommended balance between processing speed, battery life, and cooling efficiency. While if you choose the Light option, it will prioritize battery life and cooling efficiency over processing speed. Now let’s know how to activate it.

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The One UI we find on board the Galaxy S23 allows you to select a profile that prefers battery life, slightly decreasing performance. Let’s see how to activate it:

  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. Go to the Battery and Care section of your device.
  3. Tap in to Battery.
  4. Select More Battery Settings.
  5. At this point you should see the Performance Profile option. By tapping on this option you will be able to choose between the Standard and Light profiles. That’s Light is clearly the one that should save battery life.

Moreover, if you select any profile, it doesn’t affect the gaming performance of the device. It will run as before; however, it will not increase your battery life at a large scale, but it would significantly use the battery for the necessary task and prevent drainage.

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  1. This features I did not get samsung a33 5g even after getting 5.1, in future we want this features samsung mid ranges mobiles


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