Good Lock’s module RegiStar gets a new update with fixes

Samsung has several helpful functions which make its devices interesting to use, the company has developed its One UI more open so that it supports more customizability, and to enhance the user experience for customization, the company has introduced the Good Lock app, which offers different modules that offers customization for different UI functions.

RegiStar is one of the cool modules of Goodlock

RegiStar is one of the important modules of Good Lock, as it allows you to make changes in the functionality of different gestures and decide on functionalities of the back tap and side key; for instance, you can activate features by tapping the back, you can set different function for side key, like open camera, you can set back tap for taking screenshots.

RegiStar get a new update with version 1.0.37

The update comes with version number 1.0.37. The new update brings new fixes which improve the overall performance of the app; according to the changelog, the update fixes the black dot appearance, which shows up while using the back-tapping function. 

The update is now available for Galaxy devices; however, it may not be available for some devices as it is not compatible with them, but most of the devices will get this update, including tablets; you can easily install the update from the Galaxy Store.

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