How to S-Pen and Wi-Fi 6 issues on Galaxy S23

Since Samsung users purchased the Samsung Galaxy S23 and started using the devices, they are facing a lot of problems. In the earlier reports, we discussed battery draining issues and charging issues; now, we are going to discuss some new issues which several users report.

Galaxy S23 have issues related to Wi-Fi 6 and S- Pen

The S Pen is not currently working with Bluetooth on Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung has designed the S- Pen to work with the help of Bluetooth, and to prevent battery wastage, the Bluetooth connection with Spen is stopped when the stylus is placed back in its slot, but when you take out the Pen, it should reconnect with the phone through phone, but due to some bugs, it is not working properly.

In the second case, the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra owners are reporting about the Wi-Fi 6 issue and saying that they are unable to get a stable Wi-Fi connection; wherever to connect their devices with Wi-Fi 6, they get disconnected automatically.

Galaxy S23: How to fix S-Pen and Wi-Fi 6 issues

To fix the Bluetooth pairing issue with S-Pen, you have to update the Samsung Air Command app to the latest version,, which will resolve the issue, and your S-Pen will work properly as before. 

While Wi-Fi 6 connection problem hasn’t any permanent solution, to get a stable Wi-Fi connection, we recommend you turn off or deactivate the Wi-Fi 6 and return to 2.4 or 5 GHz. However, this is a temporary solution, but we hope Samsung will resolve the issue in the next update.

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