Samsung expanding March 2023 update for Galaxy S23 series to other regions

Last month Samsung introduced its most anticipated device Galaxy S23, which has taken the new flagship device tag. Nowadays, the company is very carefully serving the new updates; now, it is receiving the second update in the form of March 2023, while earlier, it received February 2023 after debuting in the market.

After updating the February 2023 patch, several users are reporting about the problem faced on the devices, such as overheating, battery drainage and fast charging issues. The company hasn’t taken any significant steps towards the issues till now. However, we hope that the latest update should address the issues.

The new update brings the latest security patch in the form of March 2023; according to the official documentation, the latest update brings several patches, which Google and Samsung add. Google one’s patches target the vulnerabilities of Android OS. While Samsung has introduced patches that are exclusively available for Galaxy devices and fixed them. The update is currently rolling out in three countries Australia, Asia and the UK

Users who own Galaxy S23 base, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra devices can easily identify the latest update by its firmware version numbers S911BXXS1AWBM, S916BXXS1AWBM and S918BXXS1AWBM respectively. 

Galaxy Users can easily install the new update by tapping on the notification, which will be flashing on the top of the notification, or you can check the update manually by following these simple steps

  1. First, Go to the system settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on the software 
  3. Tap on download and install 
  4. Wait until it finished searching
  5. Now Tap on the download button and install.

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