Samsung Galaxy S23 users report battery drain, fast charging and WiFi issues

Samsung is very actively distributing its Galaxy S23 devices to the users who have registered at the preorder offer, and the company has almost shipped devices quite appreciating and the customers who have already received the device have also received the new update at the same time the form of February 2023 update. However, the update is not any kind of major update, but after installing it, users are facing some major issues.

Galaxy S23 users are facing battery drain issue

Most of the users who own Galaxy S23 Ultra claim that their devices are consuming more battery after installing the new update. A user Abhishakevaid reported that his device is performing quite well, but just after installing the February 2023 security update, he is facing a battery drainage issue.

However, this issue is also seen in the predecessor S series devices including Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22; users of these devices are claiming that they are also facing the severe battery drain issue after installing the One UI 5.1 update, while some of them are facing the issue since previous updates, so we can’t have a clue that this problem comes after an update or it is related to the hardware.

Galaxy S23 also have fast charging issue

Some Galaxy S23 ultra users are claiming that their device is not charging in the fast charging mode; whenever they plug in their device, it doesn’t charge as fast as it can ideally do. According to a user Dale1380, he has two S23 Ultra devices, and whenever he plugs in the devices for charging, the devices fail to turn on the fast charging mode and are unable to charge at full capacity; he also said, “I enable fast charge in settings. They will be plugged in all night and not charged at all, even though they indicate they are charging. I have a total of 7 different official Samsung chargers, and all have the same results. Two 25W and 5 45W charges. I even bought 3 new cables to see if that was the issue”.

Other irritating issues

As of now, we have noticed the battery and charging issues in the Ultra model of the Galaxy S23 series; however, there are more irritating issues also faced by some users, such as 

  • WIFI connecting problem
  • Some application is crashing and the device is lagging
  • Heating issues after accessing the camera
  • Wireless charging is not working

Note: Several users report issues mentioned above; it’s not clear whether all the issues are come after installing a new update or present in the devices previously, so if you own any model of Galaxy S23 device, kindly check all the functions and don’t update your device until Samsung give another update for the solution of these issues, while the user who has already updated their device should wait for the next update which Samsung surely roll out in the next few days.

If you have the same issues so please comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S23 users report battery drain, fast charging and WiFi issues”

  1. Not just wifi problem, screen colour at round not so comfortable eyes, compare with my s21 ultra and s22 ultra, s23 ultra so bad green colour at round screen

  2. Hi I have Samsung a33 and are having the same issues phone does not want to charge when I plug in and I 9nly have 5months now my battery drains very fast and freezes only once or twice that it happens but the battery things I’d about a week and half now and my fast charging does not want to work aswell

  3. I started experiencing issues with adaptive screen brightness setting the brightness too low in moderate/low light since a recent update


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