One UI 5.1 update causes battery drain issues for some Samsung Galaxy users

Samsung has done a great job this time in terms of distributing the latest update of One UI 5.1, many devices have received an update now, but as soon as it reaches the users, it brings several issues, which some Galaxy users are reporting.

As of now, the most common issue reported by users is related to the battery. According to the report, Galaxy users claim that after updating their devices with One UI 5.1, their device battery is not working as long as compared before.

One UI 5.1 Battery Drain Issues

As we reported earlier, a number of users are reporting on the community, and Reddit about the battery life of their devices are not working as before, a user also claiming that he is facing overheating issues after installing the One UI 5.1 on his device, however, its not clear yet that all the devices which received the One UI 5.1 are having battery related issues, but there is a large number of users of Galaxy S22 and S21 device which is reporting the issue.

A user has pointed out that when he uses a Samsung keyboard, his device battery drains fast; to find a solution the user approached Samsung’s live chat support to find solutions, where he was suggested to clear the cache and data of the keyboard and restart the device; however, we don’t know whether this trick work or not, but if you follow this trick you may loose your preset settings and data of your keyboard, so we don’t recommend to apply this trick.

Samsung’s latest One UI 5.1 update to arrive on 18 devices in Q1, 2023

Another user has recently reported that the One UI 5.1 update is causing significant battery drain issues on their Galaxy S22 device. One such user shared their experience on the official Community forum, stating that they noticed a considerable reduction in battery life after installing the update on their Galaxy device.

As it is clear that the battery draining issue is come after installing One UI 5.1, but Samsung hasn’t reacted to it, but if the company doesn’t provide a proper update for the flagship devices, what we can expect for other devices, let’s hope Samsung will come with any new solution soon, so get in touch with us we will inform you about the company’s next step.

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