Good Lock’s Keys Cafe received the latest update with new One UI 5 Emojis & Keyboard

Keys Cafe is one of the useful modules of Samsung’s Good Lock suite. Basically, it provides the facility to customize the original keyboard; with the help of this, you are able to do various things with the system keyboard, such as different effects can be added as well as you can change the colour of your keyboard or it is also capable of changing the keyboard’s touch sound and more.

Samsung Keys Cafe Get Supports One UI 5 Emojis & New Keyboard

The Keys Cafe’s latest version update, now the app is capable of running on One UI 5.0, i.e. the devices running on the latest One UI will also be eligible to get the latest update of the keys cafe app. It also introduces a whole new layout of symbols by which you can easily input the chemical formula, and a MarthxChem keyboard has also been added to the symbol layout. It consists of all the symbols related to chemistry and Maths, so you can easily form equations with the help of this feature.

Moreover, some Bugs have also been fixed, such as resolving the issue when selecting a colour table on the effects tab in the Style your Own Keyboard and fixing errors related to Undo and Redo functions in the Make your own Keyboard button.

The update carries a 67.88 MB software package which can be downloaded from the Galaxy store, Users who are using One UI 5 on their Galaxy devices are eligible to install this update.
To use the keyboard, you need to open the Good lock keys Cafe module and click on the “Make your own keyboard” function.

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