Samsung Always on Display Gets More Interactive with New Update

From time to time, the Korean giant brings new updates that aim to bring improvements to its ecosystem applications. The AOD is also one of them that provides a uniqueness to Samsung’s smartphones. Now, the company is bringing fresh updates for enhancing its AOD (always on display feature), which is capable of showing several functions on the display even when your device is in the lock state.

Samsung AOD gets a v8.3.30.4 update

Samsung is now rolling out a new update for the AOD, which carries version number However, with his update, the company doesn’t attach any new changelog, which indicates that the new update may not bring any significant changes to the application, but at the same time, it is expected that the application may only bring some enhancements that will improve its internal functions so that it will gain more stability.

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Apart from this, if you are getting any issues related to the AOD, whether it is not loading, showing any error, or anything related to the AOD, then you should update it to the latest version, which may resolve the issue. However, if you don’t face any issues yet, then you should also update it to prevent yourself from troubling yourself in the future.

How to install a new update

Samsung AOD (Always on Display) is specially designed for Galaxy devices, so the application is limitedly available for Samsung devices that support it. Generally, the application is supported for devices that are equipped with an AMOLED display. So if you have one of the Galaxy devices with an AMOLED display, you can update the app via the Galaxy Store. Alternatively, you can sideload the application with the latest version via an external source like APKMirror.

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