Samsung One UI 5.1 have some bugs and issues: network, battery drain, and more

Recently Samsung has introduced the One UI 5.1 in several devices, including Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Fold 4, and more. Everything is running smoothly, but just after installing the One UI 5.1 update on their devices, reporting several issues related to features, battery draining, and more. Let’s discuss it in detail.

One UI 5.1 update’s distribution started now: check your device here

A Galaxy S22+ device user has reported that after installing the One UI 5.1 on his device, it got a bad experience as sometimes his phone lags in some animations, while a user has reported a battery-draining issue.

Some users are complaining about some broken features after installing One UI 5.1; they are saying that the options are not available, which come at the time of setting a new wallpaper which contains different options of colors, now you have to manually set it.

Some features are missing, and bugs are added in One UI 5.1

According to a user, it doesn’t get the image clipping feature, which avails the option to cut the subject from a photo in the gallery app, which is mentioned in the official changelog of One UI 5.1, While a user states that after installing One UI 5.1, he is facing several issues regarding inbuilt functions of the device like WLAN call no longer turns on, Bluetooth unintentionally reactivates itself. While a user has uploaded a video and reported that every time he opens any app, it automatically opens in popup mode.

After this flood of complaints in the Samsung community, the company hasn’t responded about the update yet; maybe the Korean giant is still observing the issues and preparing for the next update to solve the issues, so as a user, you don’t have any other option except wait for another update, so stay with us we will update you about this matter and will tell you about the steps taken by Samsung.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung One UI 5.1 have some bugs and issues: network, battery drain, and more”

  1. My fold 3 drops signal, gets the capitol E, and no 5G all the time since the UI 5.1 update!
    I have T Mobile. Spent hours on phone via wifi connection with them done heavy resets. Even today got a new Sim card. Still drops calls all the time. Went to a different zip code , same thing. I have never seen the capitol E above the up/down arrows, but I see it a lot now. No 5G that lasts thru a call. Seen 5G UC, and then either the big E or just bars with no late or anything. I was told that was a 2G connection. I can’t use my phone except in wifi mode only.


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