One UI 5.1: How to enable battery bypass on Game Booster for its Galaxy smartphones

With the passing of every year, Samsung is doing its best to optimize its devices to perform better in every situation; whether it comes to heavy gaming or doing proper processing of photos, the company has joined hands with the snapdragon to make strong soc for its Galaxy devices for instance in the Galaxy S23, devices Samsung has using the higher clocked version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, and it is expected that Samsung will continue to use the snapdragon processor for its upcoming flagship devices.

However, the battery consumption is always high when it comes to heavy gaming; most of the time, users have to plug in the charger while playing their favorite game, and this causes overheating of the device, which ultimately interrupts gaming performance made device lag, so to To deal with this problem, Samsung added a new feature for its many galaxy devices, let’s know more about the feature.

Battery bypass feature for cooler gaming 

Samsung has mysteriously introduced its battery bypass feature for several galaxy devices; when it enables the device to get direct power from the charger and stops charging the battery, this prevents your device from overheating and ultimately improves the Gaming performance while charging as the power supply is cut so the battery level of your device will be the same.

However, the pause USB power Delivery feature is limited works for games. To use this feature, you should install the latest Game Booster (v5.0.03.0), the function which is available in the Game launcher app; Samsung hasn’t confirmed officially which devices are eligible for this feature, but according to the reports, several Galaxy devices including Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy A73, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy S23 series. Observing the list above, we guess that the feature should be available for devices that support high-graphics games. Let’s know how to enable the battery bypass feature.

How to turn on the battery bypass feature on Galaxy devices

  1. First, install the latest update of the Game Booster plugin on your Galaxy smartphone.
  2. Then plug in the charging cable to your Galaxy Phone.
  3. Now open any Game from the Game launcher app on your phone. Minimize your game and access Game Booster from the Launcher app’s menu, or access it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen while the game is running; now, click on the game booster icon.
  4. Scroll down you will see the USB power delivery feature; just turn it on by toggle, and it will start working and make your phone stop charging.

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