The Health Connect app will be coming with Android 14

Google introduced the Health connect app last year; it was launched as the beta version, which is developed by taking the help of Samsung; the app is designed to give smoother synchronization among the several apps which provide data about fitness; let’s know about the app briefly.

The Health connect app helps you to keep all your health data in one place. Basically, it connects and stores the health and fitness data from your apps in one place, offline in your device, so that you can easily manage the data from your different apps.

Google hints at integrating the Health connect app for Android 14 DP1

Health connect will be the best app for tracking physical fitness in the future because it will be integrated with Android 14, which makes it widely available for Android devices. The existence of the Health connect app is revealed by the code of Android 14 DP 1. According to the information, a new APEX file has been identified with the package name com.[google].android. health connect. For information, the APEX file is the original format used in Project Mainline, which takes care of modularizing system components in the APK or APK format.

The reason behind the previously available file may be the future planning of Google, by this google will be able to update the Health connect app through the play store, so the overall intention of Google is very clear that it wants to make its Android devices future-ready, with its latest Android version. Several features will also be available in Android 14; to know more about this, click here.

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