Samsung Galaxy S23 able to power directly with the charger, bypassing the internal battery

Thanks to the Play Store, gamers now have a plate full of games to explore, and because of this, a compatible battery has become an essential factor for any smartphone that can deliver a better gaming experience. However, charging the mobile while playing games always causes severe heating issues, which reduces the device’s battery life and annoys the user as well. 

Samsung Game Booster menu allows users to “pause the USB power” while playing Game

Thankfully, this heating issue has just become a legend for Samsung’s Galaxy S23 devices because the company seems to have come up with a solution for it. As the YouTuber NLTech discovered, the Galaxy S23 series devices have a ‘Pause USB power’ feature, which helps to eliminate the heating issue while charging the phone and playing games at the same time. It extends your device’s battery life too. 

Let us inform you this ‘Pause USB power’ feature can be found in the device’s Game Booster menu. By activating this feature, you can not only lower the temperature of your device but reduce its energy consumption too. The Youtuber has defined how this function works and leads your smartphone to jump to 6W from 17W. As it is capable of preventing overheating, it will be indeed helpful during long gaming sessions. 

Meanwhile, as the feature has not been announced officially yet, it is unclear whether the other Galaxy phones will get it or not. We are assuming this to reach other flagships, too, maybe with the One UI 5.1 update. Because there are no clues about it, we can just predict for now and wait till the official confirmation. Besides, the Galaxy S23 series features one more useful gaming-related feature; you can check its in-depth info here

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