Samsung Galaxy S23 lets you disable CPU, GPU throttling while playing games

Game optimization service comes as the basic feature of Android phones nowadays, it is not a useful application for hardcore gamers because it decreases the performance of the device by slowing down the processes of CPU and GPU, so it affects the gaming experience due to the same problem the Galaxy S22 owners are also facing frame rate drop issues.

Although game optimization is a very important feature that slows down game performance when needed, it works when your device starts overheating, but due to that preventive process, it decreases the resolution and performance of GPU, which affects the gameplay.

However, in the past, the GOS (Game optimization service) feature could be easily disabled, but later Samsung changed it with the One UI 4.0 update, but last year after addressing the issue, the Korean giant added a toggle with a new update that allows users to disable the Game optimization service while playing games.

According to information, the Game optimization service is back again with Galaxy S23 series devices; however, all the models of the Galaxy S23 series have the option of turning it off while playing games. It is also worth noticing that by observing the past performance of the predecessor Galaxy S series now, Samsung has improved its cooling system for its new Galaxy S23 Lineup.

Moreover, Samsung has adopted the latest Snapdragon processor for its latest Galaxy S23 device, which works better than its Exynos processors. This time Samsung is using a specially designed Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which has a higher clock speed than other previously available devices powered by the same processor. It ultimately boosts your device performance and gives you a next-level gaming experience.

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