Multitasking in your Galaxy phone will be easier with the One UI 5.1

The recently launched additional One UI skin, One UI 5.1, has got a wide lineup of features to offer. Its changelog reveals that this additional UI update has played well in nearly all leagues (Galler, Multitasking, Connectivity, and more). If you want to know about all of them, you can check them out here. This article will focus on One UI 5.1’s multitasking-related features in particular. S, let’s find out what these are. 

First of all, let us inform you that Samsung has recently unveiled its most-recent flagship- the Galaxy S23 series, alongside which the One UI 5.1 update has also been unlayered. The One UI 5.1 is an updated version of the One UI 5.0 and is based on Android 13. This additional update has brought two Multitasking related features that will make your multiple-tasking experience better. The features are listed below. 

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The first feature is “Easily minimize or switch to full screen.” This feature helps you maximize and minimize an application window easily without performing any operation on the options menu. Instead of doing it, you can adjust their size just by dragging one of the corners of the pop-up window which you want to resize. This feature will help you save time and easily resize the required app window as per your need. 

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Another feature is “Easier access to the most used apps in split screen view.” This feature shows you the frequently used apps below when you are in the split screen view. It is helpful for finding the needy apps quickly, without wasting any time. However, it only shows those applications which you use most often, and not those which are rarely used. Conclusively, One UI 5.1’s both of these features are indeed helpful in saving time while the user is multitasking on his Galaxy device. 

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