Android Auto now has a full weather app thanks to WeatherRadar

Android Auto is a smart application that is available by default in new Android smartphones which are running on Android 6, or higher the application is very useful for handling all the useful features on the car display, and it helps you to stay focused, connected, and entertained with Google Assistant.

Android Auto now supports a weather app-like feature

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature for its Android auto app; the feature will add new functionality for the weather report; however, the company will give a new update to the users after some time. Let’s discuss this feature

For now, the weather radar has limited functionalities; for information, the new feature will work on the surveys of the area and shows you the reports of weather, the map is automatically updated whenever you drive, and you can also switch layers to see different types of maps.

However, the app’s useful features, like weather radar, are controversial. Because it doesn’t bring extra utility to the existing Android auto app, but if it comes with some new improvements like weather forecasting, then it will surely add a more notable advantage.

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