[U: May be launch] Samsung Fans Disappointed as Galaxy S23 FE Release in Doubt

As technology enthusiasts eagerly await the release of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone, rumours and leaks continue to circulate about what features and editions the company will offer. According to a tipster, Revegnus, Samsung reportedly plans to release a Fan Edition of its highly anticipated Galaxy S23 later this year. The South Korean company has a reputation for offering various versions of its flagship devices, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of its customers. As such, the potential release of a Fan Edition of the Galaxy S23 is sure to generate excitement among Samsung fans and tech enthusiasts alike.

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Samsung has two best Galaxy device series- the Galaxy S series or smartphone and the Galaxy Tab S series of Tablets, which has left an ideal mark on the tech world. For both of these high-end series, Samsung launches a Fan Edition device, which delivers a flagship-like experience but is least costlier than the actual series. For smartphone likers, this news may be galling that Samsung isn’t planning for another FE smartphone. 

Samsung may drop the idea to launch the Galaxy S23 FE device

Informatively, Samsung is done unveiling this year’s flagship- the Galaxy S23 series with a plate full of novelties. But it is unfortunate to know that we may not get a Fan Edition device for this new series. As per the well-known tipster Roland Quandt, Samsung may not release the Galaxy S23 FE device this year. However, it is unclear whether the FE device will not arrive this year only or whether the entire FE series will be abandoned. 

By looking at the consequences, it seems that the widely-rumoured news of the Galaxy S FE series’ demise is now proving true. If you are unaware, for the previous Galaxy S22 series, the FE device hasn’t been launched or announced yet, and it seems that it will not arrive ever. Now, the same thing is happening with the Galaxy S23 series as well; the reports of its Fan Edition device not arriving also started to appear on the internet. 

However, the tipster hasn’t revealed the Galaxy S23 FE device is not coming, so now it seems that the company is actually planning to drop the idea of launching FE devices. The main purpose of the FE model is to be a bridge between high-end and mid-range phones, and for the Galaxy S23 series, there is already the Galaxy A54 5G device, which will deliver a Galaxy S23 device-like experience but are cheaper than the series. As long as it is doing the work of a FE device, there is no need for the company to launch a FE. 

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