These 38 new malware-affected Android apps discovered, Delete right away

In the past few days, plenty of malware-affected Android applications have been discovered that pose a threat to your device and its data. To date, close to 100 Android applications have been found which are affected by some kind of malware. This time again, a total of 38 new malware-affected apps came to light that McAfee confirms. Let’s know more about them.

If you are unaware, these in-question applications are able to launch constantly intrusive apps in the background that can also lead to the collection of your device’s crucial info and sensitive data. The most problematic thing is these are available on the Google Play Store, which makes it hard to think that these are harmful to the device. In the recently found apps, there are some with 10 million or more downloads as well.

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Let us tell you, in this list, most of the applications are games that try to copy the popular game Minecraft. Informatively, these applications are affected by malware from the same family as the Goldoson virus. If you don’t know, these Goldoson virus launches Hidden apps that collect unsolicited sensitive data. Notably, these apps themselves run smoothly and are harmless, but the issue lies with the ads they generate.

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Informatively, Hidden ads generated by these malware-affected applications have left their effect mainly on the markets, including the United States, Canada, Korea, and Brazil, but still, we suggest all of you delete or uninstall these apps as soon as possible. Besides, Big G Google has also taken steps on their side and tried to remove these apps from the Google Play Store. Nota bene, all the affected applications are listed below.

  • Block Box Master Diamond
  • Craft Sword Mini Fun
  • Block Box Skyland Sword
  • Craft Monster Crazy Sword
  • Block Pro Forrest Diamond
  • Block Game Skyland Forrest
  • Block Rainbow Sword Dragon
  • Craft Rainbow Mini Builder
  • Block Forrest Tree Crazy
  • Craft Clever Monster Castle
  • Block Monster Diamond Dragon
  • Craft World Fun Robo
  • Block Pixelart Tree Pro
  • Craft Mini Lucky Fun
  • Block Earth Skyland World
  • Block Rainbow Monster Castle
  • Block Fun Rainbow Builder
  • Craft Dragon Diamond Robo
  • Block World Tree Monster
  • Block Diamond Boy Pro
  • Block Lucky Master Earth
  • Craft Forrest Mini Fun
  • Craft Sword City Pro
  • Block Loki Monster Builder
  • Block Boy Earth Mini
  • Block Crazy Builder City
  • Craft Sword Vip Pixelart
  • Block City Fun Diamond
  • Craft City Loki Rainbow
  • Craft Boy Clever Sun
  • Block City Dragon Sun
  • Craft Loki Forrest Monster
  • Lokicraft: Forrest Survival 3D
  • Craft Castle Sun Rain
  • Craft Game Earth World
  • Craft Lucky Castle Builder
  • Craftsman: Building City 2022
  • Craft Rainbow Pro Rain

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