These 19 Android apps may harm your data & Galaxy device: Uninstall right now

Malware threats are growing at a fast pace, and we seamlessly get to hear various related news from here to there. A few days ago, we found a list of 60 Android apps that pose a cyber threat to the device. Now, this time again, 19 new malware-affected Android applications have been discovered that may harm your device if they are installed. The most troublesome thing is these are available on the Google Play Store.

Currently, various companies are detecting these malware-affected applications, one of which is Malwarefox. Malwarefox’s team has found these 19 malware-affected apps that are capable of loosening your device’s security. If you are unaware, Cybercriminals use these legitimate apps; once users install them on their devices, criminals add the malicious code and re-upload it to the official Android store. They use new names for it.

Samsung now updated the malware database for enhancing security

Now let’s get back to our main topic. Notably, these applications are divided by the Malwarefox staff into three groups- one that contains the Autolycos malware, one with the Joker spyware, which is capable of collecting contact lists, SMS messages, and details on affected devices, and the last one with Harly trojan that can obtain data on the victim’s device specifically on the mobile network. All 19 apps are listed below. 

Applications infected with Autolycos malware

  • Vlog Star Video Editor
  • Creative 3D Launcher
  • Wow, Beauty Camera
  • Gif Emoji Keyboard
  • Instant Heart Rate Anytime
  • Delicate Messengers

Applications affected by Joker spyware

  • Simple Notes Scanner
  • Universal PDF Scanner
  • Private Messengers
  • Premium SMS
  • Blood Pressure Checker
  • Cool Keyboard
  • Paint Art
  • Color Message

Applications infected by Harly Trojan

  • Making Gamehub and Box
  • Hope Camera-Picture Record
  • Same Launcher and Live Wallpaper
  • Amazing Wallpaper
  • Cool Emoji Editor and Sticker

We are suggesting you delete these applications instantly from your Galaxy device if you have any of them installed. It is better to prevent any issue than cure it. 

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