Galaxy S24: Platform for Exynos’ Comeback to Galaxy Flagships

Having indigenous components used in smartphones is the best and an effective way of maintaining cost without compromising quality. The Korean firm Samsung used to do the same for its Galaxy S series by using self-made ISOCELL image sensors and Exynos processors. But Exynos 2200’s problematic nature, Samsung abandoned using them in the Galaxy S23 flagship. But now, Exynos is all set to come back to the lineup.

Until now, this news was just based on some rumors and tweaks, but now Samsung officials themselves confirmed Exynos’ comeback. Recently, the well-known leak star Revegnus shared a Tweet related to Exynos’ comeback. In this tweet, an image has also been merged, on which “Exynos is back” is written on a black background. The tipster also shared the statement of the Executive Vice President of Samsung’s System LSI. 

The Samsung official said, “We are pushing for the return of Exynos to the flagship of the Galaxy series.” This statement clearly indicates that the Korean firm is actually working on Exynos’s comeback to Galaxy smartphone flagships, and we will soon get it with a Samsung flagship (Galaxy S24 series). We are hoping that this upcoming Exynos chipset (Exynos 2400) won’t cause any issues like its predecessor. 

Obviously, the company is also not going to leave any space for mistakes because if this Exynos chipset doesn’t perform well, it will surely leave a negative impact on Samsung Semiconductor’s reputation and reliability. However, Exynos processors will be used in some region-specific variants only, but it will still benefit the company’s revenue by preventing the need to purchase more smartphone processors. 

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