More confirmations about Galaxy Watch 6 Pro’s physical rotating bezel

Samsung’s smartwatch lineup is now all set to get its 6th generation soon, which will surely be a bunch of novelties and advancements. Rumors regarding this upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series have already started to appear on the internet. About this series, we have known a lot so far. At present, the reports of the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro’s physical rotating bezel have been in talks a lot lately. Let’s know more about it. 

If you are unaware, Samsung has used the physical rotating bezel previously on the Pro model of its Galaxy Watch 4 series. But with the next Galaxy Watch 5 series, Samsung decided to abandon this feature; consequently, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro missed this one. Now, with the upcoming generation of Galaxy Watch, Samsung is planning to bring this amazing feature back. The well-known tipster IceUniverse also tipped the same info. 

However, there is a high chance that the soon-to-be-launched Galaxy Watch 6’s physical rotating bezel will be slightly different than the one we have seen previously in the Galaxy Watch 4 series. It is expected that the future Galaxy Watch’s bezel will be narrower, which will make it less extensive than Galaxy Watch 4’s bezel. Besides, reports of the Galaxy Watch 6 series’ larger batteries have also given users peace of mind. 

Galaxy Watch 6 Pro: It could have a thinner rotating bezel

There is one more thing, we want to tell you, some previous reports have suggested that the upcoming Galaxy Watch series will not have any Pro model, but now reports of Watch 6 Pro getting a physical rotating bezel have come to the fore. It is hard to say whether there will be a Pro model or not. To get the answer to this question, we should wait till its launch, which is expected at the end of July or initial August in the 2nd Galaxy Unpacked Event

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