Good Lock’s Theme Park now allows you to change the Color palette colors

Samsung’s Theme Park is an application that provides many customization features so the users can easily change the colors or style of different UI functions and apply different functions that enhance the overall looking of the device interface. Now with the new update, the app has grabbed some new enhancements.

Theme Park is updated to v1.0.9.57

To add new features and enhancements, Samsung frequently pushes new updates for their original apps. With every new update, the company always aims to make it more user-friendly. Continuing this, it has pushed another update for the Theme Park app, which is now available on Galaxy Store version

According to the changelog, the update brings a new feature that will add the ability to change Color Palette colors. Additionally, it also includes some bug fixes as well as brings some improvements that enhance the usability of the app.

Users who own Galaxy smartphones can easily download the latest update of Theme Park through the Galaxy store. The latest update weighs 14.89 MB of the software package. 

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