Samsung now updated the malware database for enhancing security

Samsung is one of the top companies that always cares about the safety of its users. To keep ahead in terms of security now, Samsung has taken the step to update the device security service. It has updated the Samsung device security app, which provides overall security to Galaxy devices.

Moreover, the app performs full scanning of the device and alerts you about malware and virus, and allows you to remove them immediately so they can’t harm personal data and protects your devices from damage. Alternatively, you can also manually scan your device by going to the settings app, then going to the “Battery and Device” menu, and now touching Device Protection; here, you will see the different options; just tap on the scan. This feature is the result of a partnership between McAfee and Samsung, which has been running for the past nine years. With time, it also received new advancements. 

Samsung is updating the device security

According to the latest changelog, the update brings the latest version of the malware. With this update, it will be ready to provide more security against new types of malware and virus attacks, so if you want to stay secure in this online era, it is necessary to update the app.

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The latest update of Samsung Device security is now available with version number 7.3.09. The new update also includes some bug fixes that improve the functioning of the app; however, the changelog doesn’t specifically describe the particular fix of any feature.

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