Samsung Expert RAW update includes improvements in image quality

Samsung has recently made an exciting announcement for photography enthusiasts. They have introduced the Expert RAW astrophotography feature on select Samsung phone models such as the Galaxy S23 Series, Galaxy S22 Series, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Moreover, the company has also launched an update to its Expert RAW application with version, which includes enhancements in image quality and bug fixes. To use this new feature, users need to ensure that they have the latest software version installed on their devices.

Additionally, the update has resolved a loading error related to astrophoto in Lightroom with high-efficiency RAW. Furthermore, it has enabled users to create stickers by combining two emojis, editing preloaded stickers, incorporating movement into decoration elements, and introducing a new sticker style.

The Expert RAW astrophotography feature comprises six steps, including celestial search, composition settings, camera settings, continuous shooting, composition, and post-editing. To capture the best shots, it is recommended to use a tripod. Users can exercise greater control over their camera and start using Samsung’s Expert RAW app, which enables them to capture photos in RAW/DNG format with multi-frame HDR.

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Even with the Galaxy S23, users can take advantage of the enhanced Expert RAW application and capture 50MP DNG RAW files that can be directly edited in the Adobe Lightroom application. In summary, Samsung phone users can anticipate an even more exceptional photography experience with this new feature and Expert RAW application update.

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