Samsung Expert RAW April 2023 update, improving image quality and fixing astrophoto high efficiency raw

Expert RAW is a powerful camera application developed by Samsung that has been designed to cater to the needs of both amateur and professional photographers. It allows users to have greater control over the camera sensors of their Samsung smartphones, enabling them to capture stunning and high-quality images. Samsung has further expanded the app’s compatibility, making it accessible to even more users.

Samsung Expert RAW April 2023 Update

Samsung recently released an update for its Expert RAW app leading it to version The new version to fixing some bugs improves image quality and fixes the loading error of Astrophoto to Lightroom with High efficiency RAW.

The update is already available for Samsung devices compatible with the application. But before using this feature, you have to update your smartphone to the latest software.

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So if you are the owner of a compatible Samsung smartphone and perhaps already a user of the Expert RAW app, you just have to go to the Galaxy Store to download the latest available update, which will allow you to get even better-quality shots than before.

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