Samsung Camera Assistant and Expert RAW features: Comparison

There is no doubt that Samsung has evolved throughout the years, especially in the camera department. The company has developed many new things like new sensors and lenses, which are now helpful for taking good-quality photos. Apart from the hardware aspect, the Korean giant has also introduced some new applications which enhance the photographic experience on Galaxy devices. This article will discuss two of the most popular applications, Camera assistant and Expert RAW.

Camera Assistant

Camera Assistant is a module of Good Lock, which brings several customizable functions for the stock camera app. It came into existence after the One UI 5.0 update. Initially, it was available for the Galaxy S22 devices, but then the company expanded recently; it has reached more Galaxy devices

Camera Assistant features

There are several customization features available that bring several functions that can be on/off through this, such as

Auto HDR – It is a useful feature that helps to capture more details in the dark and bright areas of your picture and videos.

Picture softening – It smooths the sharp edges and textures in Photo mode.

Auto Lens switching – it is an AI-integrated feature that will select a suitable lens according to the condition after analyzing the zoom, lighting, and distance to the subject.

Quick tap shutter – If you turn on this feature, it will change the shutter button set, and it takes pictures just by touching it.

Expert RAW

Expert RAW is an application that provides a wide range of features for the camera, so Galaxy smartphone users can take more enhanced quality photos. It offers a kind of similar function as you can see in the pro mode, but it has some extra features that give a finishing touch to your photos. It was launched for flagship Galaxy devices last year, and after being updated several times, it has grabbed some features that let us know about them.

Expert RAW features

The Expert raw is an app that provides several features that help to manage your camera; for instance, you can change several options of the camera like ISO, shutter speed, EV, metering and white balance, etc. Apart from these, if you take images through this app, then the photos will be formatted in RAW form, which is considered the best image for adding effects and editing. The main characteristic of RAW format images is that they don’t lose quality if you make changes to them.

Camera Assistant Vs Expert RAW

Samsung Camera Assistant and Expert RAW are both exclusive features of Samsung, which means you can use them only on Galaxy devices; however, they are only available on select devices. The basic difference between them is one provides customizability that makes using the camera handier, while the other one provides some extra features that take the photographic experience to the next level.

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